Colleges that Guarantee Affordability

Learn more about the 4-year colleges that have the best Financial Aid programs in the country.

Hormel Inspired Pathways has guaranteed that every student in the Hormel community has the opportunity to attend a 2-year community college tuition-free.

It is no secret that the cost of four-year colleges has skyrocketed over the last decade. Many of the most selective private schools now have a cost-of-attendance over $70,000, more than double the average full-time salary within the United States. Because of this, many students and families have all but given up on the idea of attending one of these colleges, even if the student is academically qualified.                        

Fortunately, some of the very best colleges and universities in the country are aware of this issue and have made a commitment to make their college affordable for any student capable of gaining admission. These schools, known as “Full-Need Met” colleges, are now telling students, ‘If you can get in, we guarantee that we will make sure you can afford to attend.

Each year more of the top colleges join this group, and now nearly 100 colleges and universities across the nation make this promise. Grinnell, Carleton, Macalester, and all of the Ivy League universities are just a few that have joined this group, guaranteeing they will work with families to ensure their school is affordable. 

Importantly, unlike many public universities and community colleges that have different tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students, Full-Need Met colleges don’t make this distinction. It doesn’t matter if you live down the street or across the country from your dream school, if it is on the list and you get accepted, you’ll receive the same great financial aid package. 
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